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A cigarette pressed between her lips but I’m staring at her tits.


Many a times have I driven a car with One Headlight

where I can rest my head

This World


Means a lot more than age
worth more than sleep deprived sun sets
and hell bound eclipses
you can’t let every good time
be ruined by your own hurricane
be patient around the fog
it will not emerge by wind mills
or flashlights
only time
will make it fade away
will tell you where the path leads to

(via hauntedbythemorning)

Pretty much.

Pretty much.

Another lovely Minnesota April.

Another lovely Minnesota April.

If I keep holding my breath all of this wi fade away.


If you never have, give Thursday a listen. Basically the entire Full Collapse or War All The Time albums.

I mean words cannot truly express the feels lyricism of Geoff or the great music.

Have you seen my heart?

Make It Worth It

the clock tick tocks so god damn slowly

just like a caterpillar inches across the road

my brain only focused on what happens next

but nothing of what’s currently in the fold

no one can really predict what tomorrow brings

anyone says different they’re a liar truth be told

this life is yours do anything you exactly want to

just make sure it’s to best of your abilities and bold

live every single second of life to the absolute fullest

do what you do and let your body take over your soul

Β© moondomash